DV8X is a lifestyle brand that was created with the intention to help motivate, support, and inspire everyone on their journey through life. No matter who you are or where you are, we are all working toward a goal. Through this challenge in fighting towards our goal, we may find obstacles and hardships that try to derail our dream. Try and tell us we can’t. That is where we come in. Spreading the word that is ok to Deviate, follow our own path, create a fulfilling life while chasing a dream only we can ultimately see and want.


As professional baseball players, we've had to experience massive amounts of failures and disappointments to learn that nothing in this life is handed to you. In fact, it is the opposite. People create failure. We create self-bitterness which in turn discourages others from thinking it is possible to make it. We have found through years of challenges and overcoming’s, that these negative vibes only exist in the minds of the weak. We believe in going against the grain and pursuing the dreams because the fact is, believing is the hardest part. Your mind set of fear is the only thing stopping you from being great. We know about hard work, struggle, dedication, and disappointment. But we also experience the amazing gratitude of happiness and satisfaction that comes with doing what we love, both as players and as encouragers of others with a dream. 


We are believers in creating a positive environment, in helping each other, and living a life of fulfillment and happiness.

Let's not take the path of least resistance. Let's not conform to be like everyone else. Most importantly, let’s not give up because others don’t understand our vision. Create your own path, Create your own Legacy, and Deviate Existence.


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